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How to Keep Your Favorite Cannabis Strain Potent & Flavorful

Cannabis is a drug that many people enjoy, both medically and recreationally. Whether you smoke or ingest marijuana occasionally or every day, you want to ensure that they stay fresh and potent. You don’t want them to lose their flavor immediately, so you can keep using them for a long time. So maybe you’re looking for ways how to store marijuana properly. Luckily for you, we have the tips you need to keep them fresh! Getting your hands on a good strain is challenging enough. Understandably, you want them to last long. Don’t worry because we have three tips you can check out below.

Make Sure to Store it in a Glass Jar with Lid

how to store marijuana

An economical option you can start using is a glass jar with a lid. These are great if you want to prevent your weed from getting exposed to air. It offers an airtight environment, which can avoid any microbial formation triggered by outside factors. Therefore, no air will seep in and out of the jar. Thus, ensuring that your weed is safe from contamination and won’t lose its taste and potency right away. Of course, the lids should have a rubber seal to make storing more effective since these will make sure no air will get in.

Use the Medicine Bottle

In countries where medical marijuana is legal, they sell weed in a medicine bottle. So if you don’t have a glass jar with a lid, you can use it again. Don’t throw it just yet since these bottles are designed to keep their contents dry and safe from any contamination. If you buy from a dispensary and it comes in a medicine bottle, just use it until you run out. It’s the safest option if you don’t order large batches, unlike others who need a large glass to store their weed.

Try Vacuum Sealing

If you own a vacuum seal, you can also try vacuum sealing your weed inside a bisphenol-free plastic. Many marijuana connoisseurs swear by it, and there’s no doubt they’re right. Vacuuming the air out of the bag ensures that it won’t ever get contaminated by any external factors. Apart from that, bisphenol-free plastic will keep your weed healthy and fresh instead of just using a regular zip lock bag. So you no longer have to worry about your weed getting stale from the humidity. They remain fresh, potent, and flavorful!